3 simple home maintenance projects for the summer


The summer holidays are a great time to do some quick maintenance projects, repairs and renovations. Whether you’re looking to sell your home in 2017 or spruce it up and perhaps increase your rental yield, there are many fixes that can be done in a day or two.

It looks like everyone else is doing it – the Housing Industry Association has noted that 2016 was the biggest year for renovations and additions since 2010. According to research from iD, Victoria’s $2.3 billion renovations spend is bigger than anywhere else in the country. What projects you could look at for your home?

Fix your air conditioner filter

Over time, your air conditioner’s filter can get clogged and it’ll become less efficient – the last thing you need in summer! With time off, why not fix yours?

shutterstock_283887659Is your air conditioning looking dusty and clogged? It can be a quick fix this summer.

With a split system, you can simply remove the filter and give it a gentle wash with a brush and dishwashing liquid. Let it dry naturally, then put it back in. If you have a ducted air conditioning system, you’ll need to unscrew the frame or grate before pulling out the filter and cleaning it. In some cases, you may need to replace the filter entirely.

The process will be different depending on your type of air conditioning, but the results are always the same: better cooling and a more energy-efficient system.

Fill in cracks in your driveway

If your driveway is looking worse for wear, summer is a great time to dedicate a day or two to fixing any cracks. A quality parking area, after all, is a precious commodity for any landlord. You’ll have to start by cleaning out any debris in them, and perhaps chiselling away some of the material so they can be easily filled.

Hose or water blast the driveway down, and use an acrylic sealer, caulk or another appropriate filler and let it set. You may also need a concrete bonding agent, and to smooth out the surface as the seal dries and cures.

Keep in mind, the cracks could have more problematic causes, like tree roots spreading underneath. If you discover this is the case, it might not be a simple project anymore – you or your property manager may have to call a professional to get some significant work done.

Re-stain your deck

The deck is going to see a lot of activity over summer, so it pays to make sure it looks great. As an easy summer maintenance job, why not re-stain the deck? For landlords, this kind of repair work is also a great way to boost financial returns on an investment.

It’s a longer process than the other maintenance jobs, but it always pays off. You’ll have to start by cleaning and perhaps stripping old stains and marks off the deck, as well as using stain prep chemicals. Some DIY specialists will even recommend using Napisan to clean the deck.

Once it is clean and dry, apply the right stain (colours come out differently between, say hardwood and pine) and let it stand for about 12 hours before a final clean. It doesn’t just look great, it protects the deck – perfect if you’re thinking of selling in the next year or two.

Sometimes, the simple jobs can make a huge difference to your home, adding comfort and value in droves. Of course, if you don’t have time to get the job done, get in touch with a professional or your property manager – they can organise the work in no time.

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