Balanced market tosses up good-buying opportunities for upgraders

More than ever, property vendors are willing to listen to offers from prospective buyers on the hunt for homes across Melbourne’s suburbs. The current state of play in the residential real estate mark... View more

The growth cycle appears to have finally run its course

After nearly 6 years of solid, uninterrupted growth in Median $ House Prices, the Melbourne real estate market has undoubtedly levelled. It’s worth noting that much of the change in market conditions ... View more

Buyers pushing hard to secure larger family homes

More than ever, the driving factors underpinning higher-priced house sales in inner-Melbourne are larger land-size and location. Properties that are located within a 12 kilometre radius of the CBD are... View more

Buyers pull out all stops to snap up warehouse apartments and conversions

Warehouse apartments and freestanding converted industrial buildings are routinely achieving exceptional prices in inner-Melbourne – and it’s not difficult to see why. A veritable smorgasbord of facto... View more

Swing to highly skilled agents as Melbourne’s housing market changes gears

There’s been a marked return to property sellers in Melbourne engaging highly experienced real estate agents and it’s not difficult to work out why. In the boom market between 2012 and mid-2017, selli... View more

The Baby Boomer generation revs up Melbourne’s property market

Everybody knows that Baby Boomers have tremendous spending power compared to other demographic groups. But the true impact that cashed-up members of the Boomer generation are exercising over Melbourne... View more

The “ripple effect” continues to push up Melbourne real estate values

The “ripple effect” is perhaps the most powerful driver of all in determining why suburbs increase in value. The phenomenon of more buoyant housing conditions in a gentrifying or affluent suburb sprea... View more

Melbourne chalks up a remarkable 19 consecutive quarters of house price growth

House prices in most capital cities are continuing to rise through the normally quiet winter months – and real estate analyst groups report that Melbourne has the most consistent growth performance of... View more

Changed market conditions help bring top prices for $1.5 million-plus homes

Thinking of selling a residential property that’s worth $1.5 million or more? It’s a good time to make your move because structural and demographic changes in Melbourne’s real estate market will... View more

How to boost your chances of an above-market sale price

More than ever, people aspire to achieve above-market results when selling residential properties. But much depends on the quality of the real estate agent that they choose to do business with. It’s a... View more

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