DEFT Auction Pay: The cheque-free way to pay at auction


DEFT Auction Pay is here!

Buying a home at auction can be stressful. Organising a bank cheque or cleared funds on the big day can really push your stress to new levels and it can add to the cost of buying a home. Now you can easily pay your deposit online, on the spot, with Macquarie Bank’s DEFT Auction pay and remove that extra paperwork from the process.

What is DEFT Auction Pay?

DEFT Auction Pay allows you to pay your deposit online, on the spot at auction with your agent, rather than having the hassle of arranging payment by cheque.

Say goodbye to cheques.

Why Auction Pay?

  • Say goodbye to cheques – You no longer need a cheque to pay your deposit
  • Feel confident paying online – A safe and secure way to pay your deposit online
  • Real time notification – Instantly receive an email receipt confirming your direct debit has been submitted
    for payment
  • Freedom to bid – You have the flexibility to adjust your deposit amount on the day

What do you need for auction day?

  • Make sure you read the terms of use
  • Sufficient funds available in your nominated bank account
  • Your BSB and account numbers
  • A valid email address

Want more information? 

If you would like more information about DEFT Auction Pay you  can read more at

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