5 tips for a successful spring sale in Melbourne


Everything looks a little better and brighter during spring in Melbourne. There’s more sunlight and colour, as well as warmer temperatures, making it a favourite time for those looking to sell their homes. In fact, CoreLogic data shows there’s more sales and listings during September, October and November than in any other three month period.

If you’re planning on selling your Melbourne home in spring make sure you beat the competition by following our five tips for a successful sale.

1. Do a thorough inspection and clean

Since there are so many properties listed over the spring period, buyers have a lot of choice. For that reason you should thoroughly clean your home to avoid giving potential buyers any surprises during inspections.

That means checking pantry shelves, hot water cupboards, window sills, ceilings, bathroom vanities, showers and baths, fireplaces and all other nooks and crannies – cleaning and repairing any areas that need it.

Spring is a great time to sell your Melbourne property.

2. Consider quick fixes

If you’re considering selling, it’s probably too late for renovations, but quick cosmetic fixes could be a good alternative. Ideas to consider include:

  • Garden and landscaping improvements
  • Fresh paint
  • New curtains and blinds (or dry cleaning curtains and blinds)
  • Waterblasting your home’s exterior
  • Replacing old fittings

These changes can transform your property, adding to your sale price, but they shouldn’t be too costly or time consuming.

3. Focus on street appeal

The front of your home is the first and last impression for buyers when they inspect your property. Make an effort to declutter and manicure your front lawn and fix up your home’s entrance so that buyers fall in love the moment they walk into the property and remember it long after they leave.

4. Stage your property

Spring may be the best time to sell property but it’s also the most competitive. That means your home needs to have the edge over the countless other similar homes on the market, and staging may be the ideal way to achieve that.

You should consider either having a professional stager prepare your property or depersonalising and staging it yourself to present it in the best light possible.

A little bit of work can do wonders for your home’s street appeal when selling.

5. Use a high quality agent

When the weather heats up in Melbourne, so does the property market. That means if you don’t present, market and sell your property effectively you could struggle during a busy season when buyers have a lot of options.

Get in touch with the team at your local Nelson Alexander office for help standing out from the crowd and selling your Melbourne property this spring.

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