Off-market sales on a growth spurt as vendors canvass their options

An increasing number of Melbourne vendors are choosing to sell their homes off-market – and it’s not difficult to see why. Vendors are attracted to off-market sales campaigns because of the lack of st... View more

The complete checklist for selling your Melbourne home

Every successful Melbourne property sale is made up of a hundred little steps. Taking these steps can seem stressful and overwhelming- however, if you know what to expect there’s no reason to wo... View more

Want to sell your home quickly? Going green could help

From painting the front door to renovating the kitchen, homeowners make all kinds of changes when they’re thinking of selling. But which are best? According to a report by PRDnationwide, the ans... View more

Dreaming of renovating? Don’t touch that hammer just yet

What’s your vision for your Melbourne property? Dreaming of an addition? Or is a revamped kitchen more what you had in mind? Renovations are a great way to increase resale value and change the w... View more

Hot tips for staging your Melbourne home this spring

Besides the super stylish few, most homeowners decorate to suit their personal preference and lifestyle; hand-me-down furniture, a dining room table doubling as a laundry folding zone and a corridor f... View more

5 tips for a successful spring sale in Melbourne

Everything looks a little better and brighter during spring in Melbourne. There’s more sunlight and colour, as well as warmer temperatures, making it a favourite time for those looking to sell t... View more

Our 2018 property predictions for Melbourne’s northern suburbs

Here at Nelson Alexander, we’re always asking “What does the future hold for Melbourne property?“. So, with the new year upon us, we sat down with our team to wager some predictions ... View more

A first timer’s guide to selling real estate in Melbourne

Buying your first home is often an exciting, happy time, but what about selling it? Selling can be a bit more stressful – maybe the offers you expected don’t come in right away or you stru... View more

How to get your home ready for a summer sale in Melbourne

Getting your home ready for a summer sale in Melbourne. Summer is a great time to sell your home. The weather is perfect for presenting your property in the best light, and with so many people buzzing... View more

How to make an older home stand out to buyers

When you drive north of Melbourne’s CBD, many suburb streets are lined with those quintessentially Australian Victorian era homes. Intricate lacework adorns the front balcony and whether brick r... View more

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