Hot tips for staging your Melbourne home this spring


Besides the super stylish few, most homeowners decorate to suit their personal preference and lifestyle; hand-me-down furniture, a dining room table doubling as a laundry folding zone and a corridor filled with shoes. And this makes sense. Your home should be a place where you feel completley comfortable and at ease – unless you’re trying to sell.

To stand out in Melbourne’s competitive real estate market, you must step up your game with professional-level staging. Not sure where to begin? Here’s our quick guide.

Selling your home? First impressions are everything

Buyers want to buy your property, not your entire life. When house hunters enter your property, they want to look past your belongings and see their own. In each room they tour, they’ll be looking past your life and seeing how they’d rearrange the sapce to accomodate themselves. This will be tricky, however, if the property is cluttered with your poorly staged belongings.

That’s why it’s essential to do a big clear-out before taking any professional real estate photographs or showing your property. Go through each room of your property and determine what can be packed up, donated to charity or thrown away. This will help you attract buyers and enjoy an easier moving day down the line.

Now is also the time for a deep clean with a major focus on:

  • Windows – clean windows look bigger and brighter,
  • Walls – scuffs will make your home look dingy and worn,
  • Carpets – steam clean them to get out set-in stains,
  • Hard flooring – consider refinishing timber flooring and polishing vinyl.

Consider hiring a professional cleaning company as it’s important to go beyond a routine tidy.


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Stage like a pro with these three tips

1. Give each room a focus

When people view houses, they stop in each room, forming an opinion before moving on. Ensure that each and every room in your makes an impression by including a signature, standout piece.

This can be anything from a stunning piece of vintage furniture to a unique lamp or floral centrepiece.


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2. Remember, it’s not a hotel

Making your home more appealing doesn’t mean making it generic. When restyling, it’s okay to add personal touches – in fact, it’s a great way to make an inspection of your home more memorable. Avoid the cookie-cutter hotel style. While the property shouldn’t look too lived in, it should still have some character.


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3. Hire a property styling company

If interior design knowledge is limited to what you’ve read in waiting room magazines, consider hiring a professional property styling company.

There are many professional styling companies in Melbourne, which your local Nelson Alexander agent can recommend, you can hire furniture from them to give your property a look you may struggle to create on your own. This might seem like an unnecessary cost, but the right look will not only get more eyes on your ad, but could even lead to a faster sale and a higher price.

Thinking about selling in Melbourne? We’d love to hear from you. Contact the team at Nelson Alexander today.

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