Fast growth of online research tools a big plus for property buyers

One of the most interesting developments in residential real estate since 2010 has been the rapid proliferation of online services to research the property market. Prospective buyers have never had so... View more

Believe it or not, the Melbourne suburbs where it's cheaper to buy than rent!

Buying can be cheaper than renting in certain areas of Melbourne. Discover a few examples of locations where you can ditch your rental and become an owner.... View more

Moving in when you have a pet

Numbers show that many households have pets. If you're moving to Melbourne, here are a few important pet-friendly points to consider.... View more

The importance of a walkable suburb

There are many things to look out for when looking for a place to live in Melbourne. See why the walkability of a region should be one of them.... View more

Moreland 2025 Community Vision

Pulling your hair thinking about where to live in Melbourne? There are plenty of great suburbs, but why not start your search in vibrant Brunswick?... View more

Is the Melbourne market in the ascendancy?

A recent piece of commentary noted that Melbourne is growing as Sydney slows. But where in particular is local real estate performing well?... View more

Foreign property investment back in the spotlight

Measures are being introduced to curb the number of foreign investors who fall foul of real estate legislation, but will this benefit the wider property market?... View more

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