Melbourne’s north to run hot in 2017

As Melbourne’s property market heads into 2017, the north of the city is cranking up a gear with record high auction volumes, sales and prices growth. New Real Estate Institute of Victoria data shows ... View more

Ready To Renovate? It's Now Easier Than Ever

Ever felt overwhelmed by the renovations process or complex plans from a builder? The Victorian Government is here to arm you with more information.... View more

Can you switch property managers mid-lease?

When you feel you aren't getting the property management service you deserve, a change might be necessary. But where do you begin?... View more

Melbourne rental rates are on the rise

Investing in Melbourne could offer some lucrative opportunities, as it emerges that rental rates have continued to rise across the city.... View more

Moreland 2025 Community Vision

Pulling your hair thinking about where to live in Melbourne? There are plenty of great suburbs, but why not start your search in vibrant Brunswick?... View more

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