Your dream home in Melbourne could also find you a dream job too

Melbourne is the world's most liveable city yet again, but your dream home is nothing if you hate your job. However, the job market looks to be shaping up.... View more

What does the new Bicycle Plan mean for Melbourne?

The Bike Plan has been endorsed, and it looks like the wheel of progress is turning for cyclists in Melbourne. What could it mean for your property?... View more

Melbourne values continue to grow - can it last?

Melbourne values continue to rise, but could it be affecting the chances of first home buyers? Can there be a happy medium between growth and affordability?... View more

Freezing winter bill shock: Managing your utilities

Looking to reduce your utility bills without reducing your comfort this winter? Try these three tricks and watch your costs drop along with the temperature.... View more

How much would you pay to be near a good school?

The education of your children will be a top priority for many parents, but being near a good public school could end up costing you a serious chunk of change.... View more

Market analysis: Melbourne apartments

There's something odd going on with the Melbourne apartment market. Could it be time to rethink your strategy for that smaller unit?... View more

Melbourne confidence stands firm

There must be something in the air, as people across Melbourne are demonstrating confidence in everything from property to the new Federal Budget.... View more

3 reasons why Melbourne's property market is stronger than Sydney's

There have been plenty of indications that the Melbourne property market is performing well at the moment, and in many cases outperforming Sydney’s... View more

How can the March cash rate influence economic development in Moreland?

Are you thinking of moving into a Moreland suburb? Take a look at how March's cash rate decision can tie into your decision.... View more

More walking and cycling in Yarra, less driving

Suburbs in Yarra are consistently rated among the most walkable in the city. See how this was achieved by the city council.... View more

Moving in when you have a pet

Numbers show that many households have pets. If you're moving to Melbourne, here are a few important pet-friendly points to consider.... View more

Melbourne property now ahead of the pack

Throughout the most of 2015, Melbourne was the city that came second in property growth. See how the city is now on track for gold.... View more

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