Flexible buyers set to gain the upper hand

Buying conditions continue to heat up in Melbourne’s early-autumn real estate market – a strong swing being driven by FOMO, the popular acronym for “fear of missing out.”  FOMO has long been a driving... View more

What were some of Melbourne's best-performing suburbs last year?

If you're looking for Melbourne's best suburbs in terms of affordability or growth, you should start with these star performers from last year.... View more

New selling opportunities flow from 24/7 real estate transactions

More than ever the buying and selling of real estate is a year-round business. These days, prospective buyers constantly check what’s new on the online listing sites. They can easily arrange for email... View more

How On Earth Do You Keep Your Home Clean Over Christmas?

How can you cut down on mess around the home this Christmas? We have a few tips that might help to keep you sane, and your floors clear.... View more

Landlords: Can Victorian Tenants Use Your Property As An AirBnB?

Following the landmark AirBnB ruling against Melbourne tenants, what do landlords need to know about handling delicate legal issues like this?... View more

Landlords zero in on property repairs to boost their bottom line

More landlords are gearing up to maximise financial returns through better planning for repairs and property upgrades, a property management specialist says. Nelson Alexander’s head of property manage... View more

What will the homes of the future look like?

What do the homes of the future look like in Melbourne? Smart integration, advanced appliances and tech free living spaces will definitely feature.... View more

Good-buying opportunities on the rise in Melbourne

Every property owner knows the driving factor that fuels real estate prices is supply and demand. But within this economically fundamental matrix lie many opportunities to purchase at reasonable cost,... View more

Vendors need to be rigorous when choosing a selling agent in Melbourne’s changing market

The residential real estate market is entering a more challenging phase. That’s why it’s more important than ever for vendors to deal only with results-driven agents who have a strong track record. In... View more

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