Post-lockdown boost on the way for property investors

The Melbourne property market is displaying clear signs of returning to health. No one made any big announcements at the time, but it’s... View more

Your dream home in Melbourne could also find you a dream job too

Melbourne is the world's most liveable city yet again, but your dream home is nothing if you hate your job. However, the job market looks to be shaping up.... View more

Believe it or not, the Melbourne suburbs where it's cheaper to buy than rent!

Buying can be cheaper than renting in certain areas of Melbourne. Discover a few examples of locations where you can ditch your rental and become an owner.... View more

Freezing winter bill shock: Managing your utilities

Looking to reduce your utility bills without reducing your comfort this winter? Try these three tricks and watch your costs drop along with the temperature.... View more

Greener apartment living coming to Melbourne

The 2016 High Life Expo has arrived in Melbourne, with a new focus on interactivity in green living. Are you going to find out how you can help?... View more

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