Dee Spittal

“I’m genuinely passionate about real estate as it’s such an amazing privilege we have to find someone not just a house, but a place to create a home”.

Growing up with family who bought and sold a lot of real estate, Dee Spittal gained a keen fascination for all-things property from a very early age.

Gaining a degree in design and enjoying successful senior management roles in the retail trade, Dee then decided to pursue a more customer-focused career path.

Passionate about working with people, Dee’s decision to explore the real estate industry garnered immediate success and satisfaction.

Determined, thoughtful and results-driven, Dee Spittal has built a reputation based on delivering a premium level of customer service and doing whatever it takes to achieve and exceed the expectations of her clients.

A keen traveller, Dee enjoys exploring all the corners of Victoria and a good overseas trip every now and then, as well as discovering groovy new cafes and eating out with friends.




Work with Dee

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