Giorgio Fanourakis

“I’ve always had an interest in design and architecture as well as a genuine passion for customer satisfaction so I love working in real estate as I get to experience both on a daily basis.”

Confident, entrepreneurial and absolutely dedicated to everything he does, Giorgio Fanourakis only finished secondary school in 2017, but his career achievements thus far have been nothing short of stellar.

Starting a successful online clothing company as a teenager, Giorgio became a sales consultant with his beloved Melbourne City Football Club where his natural communication skills and commitment to succeed assisted in substantially growing the organisation’s membership base.

Now part of Nelson Alexander Northcote’s dynamic property management team, Giorgio applies this same level of passion and dedication looking after the needs of his landlords and tenants alike.

Community focused and always looking to assist others, Giorgio loves playing and watching soccer as well as unwinding with a spot of fishing at any given occasion.




Work with Giorgio

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