Grayson Rayner

"Everyone has an affinity with real estate, and for me, working in the industry is especially rewarding as there is so much variety in what I do, and no two days are ever the same!"

With over a decade of experience as a property professional, Grayson Rayner attends to the needs of his clients with a relaxed demeanour, coupled with frank and forthright advice, and outstanding negotiation skills.

Key to Grayson's success is the cornerstone principle of viewing his relationship with any client as a genuine team effort - a partnership that yields rewards today as well as long into the future.

From listing and selling 8-figure home's to having A-list personalities as clients, Grayson has seen it all in a career that has been as colourful as it is successful.

Relishing the role of Business Development Manager at Nelson Alexander Kew, Grayson is looking forward to forming steadfast relationships within the property management department.

Loving a surf, a hike, a climb or anything else that's outdoors and active, Grayson also likes to unwind catching up with friends for a drink and a feed.




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