Stephanie Coppa

“I love the fact that every day I get to work with my clients and guide them in what are often significant and sometimes very stressful decisions to make.”

A real estate professional since 2015, Stephanie Coppa’s humble beginnings as a student accommodation assistant quickly evolved into her becoming a highly respected Property Manager.

A key member of our rental department at Nelson Alexander Essendon, Stephanie continues to thrive in the role as well as always looking to broaden her skills and never stop learning.

Having first-hand experience as a rental provider and renter herself, Stephanie has a genuine understanding of both sides of the property management equation which she uses to her advantage every single day.

Stephanie believes everyone should be treated equally and with her excellent communication skills is quickly able to gain the trust of her clients ensuring speedy resolutions to any issues that may arise.

One hundred percent committed to her role, Stephanie also loves time away from work spending precious downtime with family and relaxing with friends.




Work with Stephanie

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