How to spend a perfect day in Kew


Wide streets, beautiful art deco apartments and Victorian mansions. At first glance, Kew is a quiet, contained suburb just six kilometres east of Melbourne.

Kew is no bedroom community, however; in fact, beneath the suburb’s reserved exterior is a vibrant place bustling with activity. With so much to do and see, we understand why many people are eager to snatch up hot property in Kew. Keen to check it out for a day? Here are some of our top picks for activities.

9:00 AM – Take a walk in Yarra Bend Park

In Melbourne, most days start with coffee, and while Kew is jam packed with cafes, we recommend waking up a different way; by taking a brisk walk in Yarra Bend Park. If you want to find natural bushland close to the Melbourne CBD, Yarra Bend Park is the biggest and best around. The landscape is diverse – you’ll enjoy river and city views alike, heaps of playing fields and open wooded areas.

There are several excellent walks in Yarra Bend Park, all of which are well suited to the whole family. Two of our favourites are the Bat’s Colony Nature Walk (20 minutes return) – aptly named – and the Dights Falls Trail (1 hours return), where you can wander around the original site of the infamous Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum.

10:00 AM – Fuel up at Ora Specialty Coffee

Ora Specialty Coffee’s name comes from the Latin word ‘hora’, which means hour. That said, put aside at least one hour to spend in this simple, pared down cafe with white walls, wooden tabletops and black chairs. While the decor may be charmingly basic, the food is nothing but. Simple offerings like muesli are dressed up with buffalo yoghurt and things like duck sausage and pickled walnuts all make their way onto this truly unique menu. For young diners or those after something a bit more traditional, there’s fruit loaf and, of course, good old eggs on toast.

11:00 AM – Have a wander in the Lyon Housemuseum 

Housemuseum may read a bit funny, but it’s the perfect name for this exhibit of art, design and architecture all displayed in a living house. Part private residence, part private museum, Lyon Housemuseum is one of a kind and visiting is a truly unique experience, where you’ll get to admire paintings, installations, sculptures and other artefacts all perfectly juxtaposed with an otherwise normal home.

12:00 PM – Pop into the shops at Kew Junction

No day is complete in Melbourne without a bit of shopping, so be sure to check out Kew Junction when you’re in town. A great variety of businesses calls Kew Junction home, including boutiques, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes and some excellent opp shops.

1:00 Grab lunch at Mr. Bianco 

You’ll be spoilt for choice with places to eat in Kew Junction, but our favourite is Mr. Bianco, a traditional Italian restaurant inspired by the tastes of southern Italy and Sicily. The lunch menu changes seasonally, but it’s always fresh and creative. The wine list? Amazing, so treat yourself before taking on the rest of the afternoon.

2:00 PM – Check out Toscano’s 

We know what you’re thinking – really, visit a grocer right after lunch? Well, Toscano’s is much more than a fruit and vegetable store – it’s a Kew staple. Toscano’s is jam packed with food items from local producers, as well as the best collection of Italian olive oil and vinegar you’re likely to find Down Under. Buy something now to enjoy later, or simply take in this cool, eclectic grocer.

2:30 PM – See what’s on at the Kew Court House

Built in 1888, the Kew Courthouse is now a hopping performing arts space, equipped with an 80-seat theatre. From art exhibitions to fitness programs, there’s always something going on, so be sure to stop by.

3:00 PM – Walk to the Wurundjeri Spur Lookout

A true bushwalk this close to the Melbourne CBD? Seems unbelievable, but the Wurundjeri Spur Lookout, accessible via the Main Yarra Trail, is just that. There’s a few hills along the path, but it’s generally easy walking. When you reach the lookout, you’ll be treated to one of the most magnificent views of the Melbourne skyline. It’s the perfect place to stop, take some photos and just admire our beautiful city.

4:00 PM – Hire a boat before dinner at the Studley Park Boathouse

The oldest public boathouse in Victoria, Studley Park Boathouse is an absolute treat to visit. While exploring the iconic venue is great, we think the best way to take it all in is while perched in a rowboat on the Yarra River. Gaze up at the 17th century treasure and you’ll truly feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

Once you’ve tired out your muscles, return your oars, freshen yourself up a bit and get ready for dinner. We don’t know what’s better at the restaurant at Studley Park Boathouse – the food, the wine or the picturesque views of the Yarra.

By the time you’ve finished your evening meal, chances are you’re already wanting to call Kew home. Let Nelson Alexander help make this dream a reality. Reach out today or stop into our office – we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about Kew or the other bustling suburbs we operate in.

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