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Changing Your Property Management Company

If you’re thinking about making the decision to change your property manager, the process is easier than you think, all you need to do is contact us and we can take care of everything.

Our offices can arrange the transfer of management of your investment property or properties even if there is a fixed term lease in place. There are no costs and your current agent can’t apply penalties unless you agreed to these in your management agreement. Talk to us today to seek some advice.

Once an agreement has been signed and you provide Nelson Alexander with authority to act on your behalf, we arrange for all the relevant paperwork and keys to be collected from your previous agent, we contact the tenants to reassure them there will be little disruption, arrange an inspection and start the process of delivering the level of service we know you expect.

Nelson Alexander has over 16,000 properties under management and this is continuing to grow. It’s no secret that we manage one of the largest single owned portfolios in Victoria, switch your property to us today to find out why!

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For a chat with an expert in your area and to further understand what Nelson Alexander’s Property Management Team can do for you, fill in the form below.

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