Period houses with contemporary flair defying expectations in inner Melbourne

A smartly-renovated period house with contemporary flair is a near bullet-proof real estate commodity in inner-city Melbourne. And it’s easy to see why.  Period homes with contemporary extension... View more

How to get your home ready for a summer sale in Melbourne

Getting your home ready for a summer sale in Melbourne. Summer is a great time to sell your home. The weather is perfect for presenting your property in the best light, and with so many people buzzing... View more

Marketing Innovation – Property Brochures Reimagined

Nelson Alexander is proud to be the first real estate agency to be using the new property marketing product My Property Pass. A My Property Pass is a digital property brochure that lives on your mobil... View more

“Less adversarial” real estate transactions a plus for buyers and sellers

Buyers and sellers in Melbourne’s inner and middle-ring suburbs are taking a “less adversarial” approach to cutting real estate deals as the city’s property market continues to deliver nation-beating ... View more

How to make an older home stand out to buyers

When you drive north of Melbourne’s CBD, many suburb streets are lined with those quintessentially Australian Victorian era homes. Intricate lacework adorns the front balcony and whether brick r... View more

DEFT Auction Pay: The cheque-free way to pay at auction

DEFT Auction Pay is here! Buying a home at auction can be stressful. Organising a bank cheque or cleared funds on the big day can really push your stress to new levels and it can add to the cost ... View more

A landlord’s guide to millennial tenants

A landlord’s guide to millennial tenants: Melbourne is Australia’s undisputed cultural capital and much of that rich arts, music and literary scene lie in the northern suburbs. With top-ti... View more

How to own two or more investment properties

Buying an investment property when the market is a little softer can be extremely profitable. But making sure you get a good deal isn’t as simple as it looks. In a sellers’ market almost any price a v... View more

How to sell your Melbourne home remotely

Selling your home can be stressful enough. Now, imagine doing it from another city, state or even country. It’s not ideal, but there are instances when you may need to sell your Melbourne home r... View more

Not talking to real estate agents? Here’s why you should

Property punters are being spoilt by choice as listings ramp up for Melbourne’s peak spring selling season. But there’s a catch for house-hunters – unless they are talking to real estate agents and gi... View more

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