Embracing Opportunities in Melbourne’s ‘New’ Property Market

3 min read

As we venture into the warmer months, it is imperative to examine the Melbourne property market with a discerning eye.... View more

Melbourne property market shows signs of recovery with increase in new listings

4 min read

If you've been frustrated by the lack of properties for sale this year, you're not alone. However, despite a slow start to the year, the Melbourne property market is showing signs of recovery, with a ... View more

Team-based marketing is delivering top prices for Melbourne vendors

5 min read

Boost your property's value with Nelson Alexander's team-based marketing. With four-week auction campaigns delivering above-reserve prices, their unique structure encourages cross-suburb property refe... View more

The Changing Melbourne Property Market: A New Era Emerges

4 min read

Discover the ever-changing Melbourne housing market and its unprecedented pace of change over the last six years. Explore the fluctuations in prices, buyer dynamics, and the emergence of a new market.... View more

Melbourne housing market defies expectations as buyers and sellers take the long-term view

4 min read

Most buyers and sellers take a long-term view of the Melbourne property market, which is now rebounding and defying the uncertainty caused by consecutive interest rate increases.... View more

Vendors swing back to selling by auction as sales activity improves

3 min read

Learn why more vendors in Melbourne are choosing public auctions to sell their properties. Explore market confidence, increased demand, and rising auction clearance rates. Contact Nelson Alexander for... View more

Melbourne property market shows resilience despite interest rates and lending changes

5 min read

Australians may avoid a potential interest rate increase next month as new data reveals a further deceleration of inflation, although t... View more

Strong demand for properties aids vendors as stock shortages continue

4 min read

Buyer confidence is rapidly returning to Melbourne’s residential real estate market as the property shortage factors have worked to stabilise prices and put a floor under the market.... View more

'Turn-key' homes attracting big price premiums as buyer activity grows

5 min read

Turn key homes attracting big price premiums... View more

What does 2023 have in store for Melbourne property investors?

5 min read

Changing legal obligations and more complex challenges are confronting property investors, despite residential rental markets across Australia rapidly returning to health.... View more

What it means to be a buyer or seller in today’s market

2 min read

Following extraordinary growth for several years, prices are down in recent months. This will be of no surprise to any of you who have recently been in the process of buying or selling.... View more

Savvy buyers target period cottages, recognising the scarcity factor

4 min read

Inner-city cottages tend to offer advantages that units and apartments can’t match, including your own land and title, and the potential to extend... View more

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