Vendors face little competition as market normalises

Transaction activity is now on the up and up in Melbourne. And as auctions and open-for- inspections start to return to normal activity levels, the indications are that the buyer-seller balance will r... View more

Surge in listings of high-end homes tipped as Australian expats are forced to sell

Australian expats are set to be hit by new Capital Gains Tax (CGT) changes after Federal Parliament voted in new laws which abolish CGT exemptions.... View more

Property investors in the box seat as the 2020 market kicks off

There are clear-cut signs of a recovery in property prices. Melbourne’s house prices have jumped 5 per cent in just three months.... View more

Keen to upgrade your home? Make your move in 2020.

Significant opportunities are fast emerging in Melbourne’s residential real estate market to trade up to a better home or downsize to a prestige apartment.... View more

Vendors face ‘20 per cent less competition’ as interest rates fall

Melbourne property vendors are benefitting strongly as they face 20 per cent less competition from rival listings than they would in a well-stocked market.... View more

Housing market moves into more active phase as interest rates fall

Falling interest rates are opening up favourable buying opportunities for both first-home buyers and first-time property investors.... View more

Looking to sell or buy? Don't ignore winter

Winter is often overlooked as a good time to sell. However, it may be possible to achieve stand-out results in winter with fewer listings to compete against... View more

Auction clearance rates on a growth trajectory as buyers confront slim pickings

The auction clearance rate is going up, – a trend pointing to higher levels of buyer confidence.... View more

More competition at auctions points to market "green shoots"

Green shoots are pushing up in Melbourne’s residential real estate market, increasing the pressure on buyers before housing prices head north again.... View more

Astute investors swoop on investment-grade properties

Looking to purchase an investment property in the next 6 months or so? It could be to your advantage to make the decision sooner rather than later.... View more

Why is it a good time to buy?

Many people believe that the driving factor behind how much capital growth they achieve from their real estate investments is the amount of money generated when they sell a property but seasoned prope... View more

Balanced market tosses up good-buying opportunities for upgraders

The current state of play in the residential real estate market is tossing up all the right conditions for those looking to upgrade to buy competitively.... View more

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