Why is it a good time to buy?

Many people believe that the driving factor behind how much capital growth they achieve from their real estate investments is the amount of money generated when they sell a property but seasoned prope... View more

Investing in Melbourne property? Check out these suburbs

If you're buying an investment property in Melbourne you've got so many great suburbs to choose from. Here are five we're tipping for future growth.... View more

Marketing Innovation - Property Brochures Reimagined

Nelson Alexander is proud to be the first real estate agency to be using the new property marketing product My Property Pass. A My Property Pass is a digital property brochure that lives on your mobil... View more

Here's what happens in your property settlement period

Settlement periods can feel like forever. But once you understand what goes into them, you can see how much necessary work they are. ... View more

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

The differences between a solicitor and a conveyancer may not seem large, but they are important to understand if you're buying a house.... View more

Your dream home in Melbourne could also find you a dream job too

Melbourne is the world's most liveable city yet again, but your dream home is nothing if you hate your job. However, the job market looks to be shaping up.... View more

Believe it or not, the Melbourne suburbs where it's cheaper to buy than rent!

Buying can be cheaper than renting in certain areas of Melbourne. Discover a few examples of locations where you can ditch your rental and become an owner.... View more

Good-buying opportunities on the rise in Melbourne

Every property owner knows the driving factor that fuels real estate prices is supply and demand. But within this economically fundamental matrix lie many opportunities to purchase at reasonable cost,... View more

Melbourne prices grow in leaps and bounds

If you've been sitting on property in Melbourne for quite a while, you might find that it has increased in value considerably - check it out.... View more

Parking value: What's a car space worth?

For city-dwelling car owners, a car park that’s undercover, secure and close to their front door is the Holy Grail, and can add real value to a property.... View more

Is the Melbourne market in the ascendancy?

A recent piece of commentary noted that Melbourne is growing as Sydney slows. But where in particular is local real estate performing well?... View more

4 property types Melbourne buyers are looking for

There are certain types of property that are finding favour in Melbourne's best suburbs at the moment, but what exactly are they?... View more

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