Your dream home in Melbourne could also find you a dream job too

For many Australians, it’s no surprise that the Economist has ranked Melbourne as the most liveable city yet again.

Upon visiting, you’ll find that the culture, art, history and lifestyle is a lot more relaxed and content than many other cities.

However, it means nothing if you live there and hate your home and your job. How likely is this, if you’re looking to jump over to be a Melbournian?

Not very, according to recent statistics from the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It shows that the rate of unemployment for Victoria is sitting a very low 5.5 per cent! That’s bound to mean a lot of people aren’t leaving their jobs anytime soon.

Melbourne could be the very place for you to find both your dream home, and also your dream job.

Melbourne can offer both lifestyle and a job.

Moving to Melbourne?

Don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be. Whether you’re looking at buying a house, or renting one, you’ll need a real estate agent that’s experienced and local to the area.

You can find a suburb that has your dream home on the market, whilst being within range of the hottest job locations too.

If you’re starting out with just renting, it’ll be handy to know that rental rates for houses have dropped 0.8 per cent the last year, whilst rent on units are at the slowest growth on record – only 0.7 per cent this month.

Numbeo compares the cost of living in Melbourne to the average lifestyle in Sydney. If New York is the most expensive city to live in, Sydney follows at second place, whereas Melbourne is only fourth after London.

Jump for joy, jump for a job

Do you know what your dream home looks like?

Melbourne is Victoria’s most populated city, with around 4.4 million people, according to the most recent census. With Victoria having one of the lowest rates unemployment rates across the country, you can imagine why it’s been ranked as so liveable.

Having found your ideal home in a suitable neighbourhood, what are your chances of finding a job you’ll like? Well, while no one can predict your success at finding a dream job, the chances are certainly higher with a 0.3 per cent rise in trend employment during the month of this August alone. It’s the second highest employment increase seen throughout Down Under!

When it comes down to it, job hunting will also be easier if you’ve sorted your home in a new city. That’s one less worry for you, so make sure you’ve got the right people behind you to help out.

For more information about migrating to Melbourne, contact the friendly team at Nelson Alexander today.

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