Victoria leads other States in setting out a comprehensive housing plan

4 min read

Victoria has taken a significant lead over other States and Territories by unveiling a comprehensive housing statement aimed at address... View more

Embracing Opportunities in Melbourne’s ‘New’ Market

4 min read

As we venture into the warmer months, it is imperative to examine the Melbourne property market with a discerning eye. The Melbourne property market has had solid changes over the past couple of years... View more

Exploring the potential of commercial property investment in Melbourne

Delving into commercial property investment can offer unique benefits and diversify your portfolio–we explore the advantages of investing in commercial property and why it may be an excellent option f... View more

Skilled property managers play vital role as a “buffer” between the owner and the renter

4 min read

It has long been a smart move to have a “buffer” between the renter and the rental provider. By engaging a professional property manager to find a Renter, collect the rent and promptly manage any main... View more

In conversation with Christian Cortese: Exploring Auctions, EOI, Private Sale, and Off-Market Methods

4 min read

Discover the best methods for selling property in Melbourne. Explore auctions, Expression of Interest (EOI), private sales, and off-market strategies. Make informed decisions to maximise your selling ... View more

The Changing Melbourne Property Market: A New Era Emerges

4 min read

Discover the ever-changing Melbourne housing market and its unprecedented pace of change over the last six years. Explore the fluctuations in prices, buyer dynamics, and the emergence of a new market.... View more

Maximising Tax Deductions for Rental Property Investments

3 min read

As the financial year draws to a close, there's no better time than now to familiarise yourself with the Australian Taxation Office's deductions for rental property investments in Melbourne. Here's ou... View more

Melbourne housing market defies expectations as buyers and sellers take the long-term view

4 min read

Most buyers and sellers take a long-term view of the Melbourne property market, which is now rebounding and defying the uncertainty caused by consecutive interest rate increases.... View more

Vendors swing back to selling by auction as sales activity improves

3 min read

Learn why more vendors in Melbourne are choosing public auctions to sell their properties. Explore market confidence, increased demand, and rising auction clearance rates. Contact Nelson Alexander for... View more

Good news for residential property buyers and renters in this year’s Federal Budget

5 min read

Get set to see a broad range of stimulus for housing supply, affordability and property investment following the release of the 2023/24... View more

Increase in Victoria’s rainfall creates a stronger need for quality Property Management services

1 min read

Taking prompt action to address and repair mould and damp in Melbourne apartments and houses is a critical issue for Rental Providers.... View more

House prices likely to stay strong in 2022

5 min read

Global real estate buying trends point strongly to Melbourne’s house prices remaining high for the foreseeable future, despite potential increases in interest rates.... View more

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