Keen to upgrade your home? Make your move in 2020.

Significant opportunities are fast emerging in Melbourne’s residential real estate market to trade up to a better home or downsize to a prestige apartment.... View more

Housing market moves into more active phase as interest rates fall

Falling interest rates are opening up favourable buying opportunities for both first-home buyers and first-time property investors.... View more

Looking to sell or buy? Don't ignore winter

Winter is often overlooked as a good time to sell. However, it may be possible to achieve stand-out results in winter with fewer listings to compete against... View more

Housing correction set to end as the RBA cuts interest rates

The RBA’s move on June 4 to cut the cash rate to stimulate economic growth follows a string of developments all favourable to property sellers in Melbourne.... View more

The complete checklist for selling your Melbourne home

Selling your property can be difficult and stressful, particularly if you're unfamiliar with the process. Use our seller's checklist to make it easier.... View more

Investor insights: Looking past rental yield and capital gains

Successfully investing in Melbourne property can be challenging. We've discussed how looking at the bigger picture can make succeeding easier.... View more

What is landlord insurance and what does it cover?

Landlord insurance is essential if you're renting out a property. But what exactly is it, what does it cover and how much does it cost? We have a closer look.... View more

Why is it a good time to buy?

Many people believe that the driving factor behind how much capital growth they achieve from their real estate investments is the amount of money generated when they sell a property but seasoned prope... View more

Our guide to spending a lazy Sunday in Kew

As one of Melbourne's most desirable suburbs, Kew has a lot to offer. Check out how we'd spend a lazy Sunday exploring Kew's leafy streets.... View more

How to spend the perfect day in Preston

Want to cuddle with adorable (adoptable) kittens? Eat breakfast in an old sewing studio? Scope out rare species on a nature walk?... View more

4 tips for buying a stand-out Melbourne apartment

Buying an apartment can be a great idea as long as you're careful. To make it easier we've put together 4 tips for buying a stand-out Melbourne apartment.... View more

Balanced market tosses up good-buying opportunities for upgraders

The current state of play in the residential real estate market is tossing up all the right conditions for those looking to upgrade to buy competitively.... View more

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