House prices likely to stay strong in 2022

5 min read

Global real estate buying trends point strongly to Melbourne’s house prices remaining high for the foreseeable future, despite potential increases in interest rates.... View more

New $500 million fund to help home buyers into the market

3 min read

Victoria has launched a $500 million fund to get home buyers into the market amid signs that more young buyers are purchasing inner-city properties in Melbourne.... View more

Mortgage refinancing a make-or-break issue for many buyers

Mortgage refinancing is a pivotal issue for buyers trying to secure a coveted property in today’s competitive real estate market.... View more

Vendors who list early on track to profit

4 min read

With thousands of prospective buyers on the lookout for a limited supply of residential properties in Melbourne, vendors are likely to ... View more

Renting out properties no longer a ‘set and forget’ game

Nelson Alexander Head of Property Management Martin Sizer says the more complex letting environment faced by property owners is a key reason why owners are swinging back to large, full-service real es... View more

Upsizing to a new home is frequently the money-saving option

Opting to renovate can prove costly, both in terms of financial loss and the impact on your lifestyle. In fact, for most homeowners who crave a larger property, purchasing a new home that meets their ... View more

Melbourne buyers poised to follow “white-hot” Sydney market trends

Melbourne’s residential real estate market is set to hit the ground running in 2021, with intensified competition for homes and more buyers prepared to pay vendor asking prices.... View more

Property managers boost servicing of tenants to get new leases signed

Landlords and tenants are confronting a “patchwork” rental market in which some Melbourne suburbs and types of housing are significantly more in demand than others.... View more

Keen to upgrade your home? Make your move in 2020.

Significant opportunities are fast emerging in Melbourne’s residential real estate market to trade up to a better home or downsize to a prestige apartment.... View more

Housing market moves into more active phase as interest rates fall

Falling interest rates are opening up favourable buying opportunities for both first-home buyers and first-time property investors.... View more

Looking to sell or buy? Don't ignore winter

Winter is often overlooked as a good time to sell. However, it may be possible to achieve stand-out results in winter with fewer listings to compete against... View more

Housing correction set to end as the RBA cuts interest rates

The RBA’s move on June 4 to cut the cash rate to stimulate economic growth follows a string of developments all favourable to property sellers in Melbourne.... View more

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