How to have a standout application in the current Melbourne rental market

6 min read

Looking to stand out in the competitive Melbourne rental market? Follow these seven tips to increase your chances of securing your dream home. From submitting a well-prepared application to leveraging... View more

Renting out properties no longer a ‘set and forget’ game

Nelson Alexander Head of Property Management Martin Sizer says the more complex letting environment faced by property owners is a key reason why owners are swinging back to large, full-service real es... View more

RTA changes: a “buffer” between renters and property investors more critical than ever

Sweeping changes to tenant rights, the vacating process and lease agreements in Victoria are intensifying compliance pressure on residential property investors.... View more

3 tips to make your Melbourne apartment hunt easier

Apartment hunting? It should be fun but it can be stressful, particularly if you're looking in popular areas like Melbourne's north. These 3 tips may help.... View more

Buying an investment property? Be sure to budget for these costs

Thinking of buying an investment property in Melbourne? Doing so can lead to big returns, but be sure to plan for the costs before taking the plunge. ... View more

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