Pick-up in sales activity as buyer numbers bounce

With buyer activity picking up more quickly than usual in the first months of 2021, buyers are being urged to act promptly when a desirable property comes onto the market.... View more

Tech-savvy tenants move to lease Melbourne’s top rental properties

If you're looking for a rental in the next month, your best course of action is to embrace the virtual inspecting of properties via your devices and to be ready to sign a tenancy agreement without a p... View more

Surge in pre-market and off-market sales as buyers compete for stock

With fewer property listings on offer and fewer homes being marketed on the internet, would-be buyers have to be ready to move quickly.... View more

Market could turn extremely quickly once social distancing restrictions are fully lifted

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased or removed, Melbourne’s residential property market is experiencing a sharp upswing in demand.... View more

Expressions of Interest explained

What is a sale by Expressions of Interest (EOI)?... View more

Housing correction set to end as the RBA cuts interest rates

The RBA’s move on June 4 to cut the cash rate to stimulate economic growth follows a string of developments all favourable to property sellers in Melbourne.... View more

Want to sell your home quickly? Going green could help

If you're thinking of putting your home on the market, you're also probably thinking of what you can do to ensure a fast, profitable sale. While most renovations can help, the best are those that make... View more

5 tips for a successful spring sale in Melbourne

Spring may be the best time of year to sell your Melbourne property. To make sure your property stands out check out our 5 tips for a successful spring sale.... View more

What does APRA's latest mean for Melbourne buyers?

With APRA lifting their 10 per cent cap in July, many are forecasting increased competition in the lending market. What does this mean for Melbourne buyers? ... View more

Our 2018 property predictions for Melbourne's northern suburbs

Every year brings change for the property market - whether that's new opportunities, fluctuating interest rates or an investing trend. 2018 will be no exception, so we asked our team to wager some pre... View more

3 tips to make your Melbourne apartment hunt easier

Apartment hunting? It should be fun but it can be stressful, particularly if you're looking in popular areas like Melbourne's north. These 3 tips may help.... View more

How to get your home ready for a summer sale in Melbourne

If summer is the perfect time to sell your home in Melbourne, then spring is the perfect time to get it market ready. Here are some tips. ... View more

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