Exploring the potential of commercial property investment in Melbourne

Delving into commercial property investment can offer unique benefits and diversify your portfolio–we explore the advantages of investing in commercial property and why it may be an excellent option f... View more

Commercial demand climbs as buyers hunt for yield

5 min read

The number of people and businesses looking to purchase commercial property has spiked sharply in the past year, far outperforming the ... View more

Multi-use and industrial property in the spotlight as lockdown’s end comes into sight

The outlook for Melbourne’s commercial property market in the near to medium-term remains upbeat.Based on experience, demand for commer... View more

Large amount of capital set to flow into commercial real estate

As Melbourne’s post-COVID recovery ramps up, green shoots are quickly emerging in the city’s commercial property market.... View more

Is Melbourne commercial property a good investment?

Melbourne commercial property can be a great investment, if you know what you're doing. We've looked at the basics to help you get started.... View more

How to spot Melbourne's up and coming commercial suburbs

Investing in commercial real estate can be intimidating, but a good location will never let you down. Here's how to spot a Melbourne suburb on the rise.... View more

Should you be investing in commercial property?

Have you considered investing in commercial real estate? It might be more unfamiliar than residential, but it has some benefits that can't be beaten.... View more

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