Nelson Alexander Charitable Foundation

The primary driver in establishing the Nelson Alexander Charitable Foundation in 2005 was to create an avenue through which we could provide support to individuals, community groups and not-for-profits working or living within our business footprint.

The Foundation harnesses our energies and respect for the communities in which we work and live to bring people together and make a concrete difference in the lives of our neighbours.

Through the Foundation, we provide financial and volunteering support to organisations working to address a wide range of issues, with a particular focus on our pillars: Youth, Education and Alleviating Disadvantage.

We are passionate about making a difference.

What We Do

The Foundation operates a two-tiered grants programme, which distributes in the vicinity of $350,000 per annum.

Small Grants:

These are assessed each month by the Foundation committee and fund grants in the vicinity of $500 – $1,500.

Funding for this programme is generated from a set donation from each Nelson Alexander sale, along with contributions from one of our major suppliers.

Foundation Day:

Foundation Day applications: open: 1 July, 2024 & close: 1 August, 2024

Our major annual fundraiser, the day when each of our 15 offices donates the professional fee from one of their auctions to support a community organisation or charity. 

We consider applications for any project or programme within our business footprint (the northern suburbs of metro Melbourne) that demonstrates a benefit to our local community, with a particular focus on youth, education and alleviating disadvantage.

Our Pillars


We believe it is vital to provide support to organisations working to assist our youth to navigate their environment to make healthy choices and provide the foundations to lead fulfilling lives.


We believe that supporting students to thrive in the educational space enables them to escape entrenched disadvantage to improve not only their own lives but their family and support networks.

We support providing an accessible education for all – no matter their financial situation.

Alleviating Disadvantage

We aim to focus on areas of our community where there is a real need for support, with no cause too small for consideration.

We hope that we always manage to see clearly where the gaps are in our communities and focus on trying to make impact in the areas where there is real need.

Bringing People Together

Staff Involvement

The Foundation is run by a committee of employees who encourage all staff to be proactive in their involvement, identifying particular causes and organisations that they wish to support. In addition Nelson Alexander staff are granted two days paid leave per year to participate in volunteering programs of their choice or to join a company lead initiative.

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