Marketing Innovation - Property Brochures Reimagined

Nelson Alexander is proud to be the first real estate agency to be using the new property marketing product My Property Pass.

A My Property Pass is a digital property brochure that lives on your mobile device in Wallet on Apple™ devices or wallet style apps like Pass2U on Android.

A My Property Pass can be scanned from the printed QR code (Quick Response) on Nelson Alexander brochures, for sale boards and paper adverts and can be shared with your friends and family using SMS or email.

Look for a QR code with the multi-coloured box to scan.

Instructions to Scan + Save

  • Apple™ smartphone users open Camera using iOS11, point the camera at the QR code, open the link and add the property pass. Or, open Wallet, click to add a pass and scan the code.
  • Android smartphone users, using a wallet app like Pass2U, click to add a pass and then scan the QR code and add the property pass to your wallet.

Contact any Nelson Alexander agent if you’re having any issues otherwise

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