Asset Management

We work closely with a wide range of clients, helping them to maximise the value of their asset.

We will advise you on how to obtain the best possible rental for your commercial real estate and give you access to qualified high quality tenants.

We can help you maximise your commercial asset whether it be:

  •   Retail
  •   Industrial
  •   Office Space
  •   Warehousing

Our team has a reputation for being pro-active and diligent.

We constantly monitor the market and ensure you are kept informed of the latest market activity and trends.


  •   Quality tenant identification and qualification
  •   Tenant retention and maintaining a positive tenant relationship
  •   Tenant transition management
  •   Lease structure advice to ensure investment value and growth
  •   Advice on sub-leasing matters
  •   Ensuring repairs and maintenance to maintain your property’s value
  •   Regular financial reporting
  •   Advice to ensure adherence to all property compliance issues
  •   Valuation of your property and advice regarding rental value and trends
  •   Highly qualified and experienced portfolio managers with an in-depth knowledge of all commercial leasing legislation

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