DEFT Deposit Pay

The easy way to pay.

Buying a home can be stressful. Now you can easily pay your deposit online, on the spot, with DEFT Deposit Pay.

What is DEFT Deposit Pay?

DEFT Deposit Pay allows you to pay your deposit online rather than having the hassle of arranging payment by cheque or EFT.

Why Deposit Pay?

  • Say Goodbye to Cheques - You no longer need a cheque to pay your deposit.
  • Easy and flexible - No need to increase bank transfer limits – if the buyer has the available funds in their account, the payment can be made.
  • Feel Confident Paying Online - A safe and secure way to pay your deposit online.
  • Real Time Notification - Instantly receive an email receipt confirming your payment has been submitted.
  • Freedom to Bid - You have the flexibility to adjust your deposit amount on the day.

What Do You Need for Payment?

  • Sufficient funds available in your nominated bank account. This needs to be an account that you can send and receive external transfers to/from.
  • Your BSB and account numbers
  • A valid email address

DEFT Deposit Pay Terms of Use

If you would like more information about DEFT Deposit Pay please read more at

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