Welcome to Collingwood, one of Melbourne's most exciting suburbs, located just 3 kilometres from the CBD within the City of Yarra. As one of Melbourne's oldest suburbs, Collingwood boasts a rich history and is known for its historical buildings. Explore the vibrant Smith Street, which was once voted the coolest street in the world, and indulge in Collingwood's thriving coffee culture, vibrant nightlife, and bustling retail hub. There's always something new to discover in this inner-city gem.

Transport: Collingwood offers excellent connectivity to various parts of Melbourne. With tram routes running along Victoria and Smith Streets, Collingwood train station in the neighbouring Abbotsford, and multiple bus routes along Hoddle Street, residents have a plethora of choices when it comes to utilising Melbourne's public transport network. If you prefer driving, Hoddle Street, Alexandra Parade, and the Eastern Freeway are conveniently located, ensuring hassle-free commuting.

Culture and Lifestyle: Collingwood lives up to its reputation as one of Melbourne's coolest suburbs, attracting individuals from around the world to its vibrant enclave. Embrace the diverse culture and savour the international cuisine of this multicultural community. Immerse yourself in the art scene by visiting art galleries and discovering hidden gems showcasing Melbourne's finest artists.

Indulge in the vibrant lifestyle that Collingwood has to offer. From live music venues that set the stage for unforgettable performances to cozy pubs and wine bars perfect for unwinding, this suburb is a haven for those seeking memorable experiences. Immerse yourself in Melbourne's renowned coffee culture at top-notch cafes and explore the culinary landscape that spans a plethora of ethnicities and flavours.

Smith Street is adorned with a treasure trove of homeware shops, vintage stores, art galleries, bridal boutiques, and bookstores. As you explore the streets of Smith Street, you'll stumble upon hidden pubs and delightful experiences. Collingwood also offers proximity to some of Melbourne's best parks and green spaces, including Fitzroy Gardens and the Yarra River. Additionally, there are a variety of fitness options available, such as gyms, yoga, and Pilates classes, catering to everyone's interests and well-being.

Architecture: Collingwood boasts some of the most beautiful terrace homes, which remain highly sought-after by purchasers or renters to this day. These elegant residences harmoniously coexist with converted warehouses and factories, transformed into fashionable apartments, creating a perfect blend of old and new. Many of the buildings in Collingwood are Victorian Heritage listed, and notable structures include the former Collingwood Post and Telegraph Office.

Education and Schools: Collingwood is home to Collingwood College and a Melbourne Polytechnic campus located on Otter Street. Within Collingwood, you'll also find Collarts on Wellington Street, specialising in design and creative arts degrees. Thanks to Collingwood's accessibility to public transport and major roads, residents have a wide range of primary and secondary schools to choose from, ensuring educational opportunities are never far away.

Neighbouring Suburbs: Collingwood is surrounded by some of Melbourne's coolest suburbs, including Fitzroy, Abbotsford, and Clifton Hill. With borders extending to Fitzroy North, Richmond, and East Melbourne, Collingwood offers access to the best that inner-city Melbourne has to offer. From sporting precincts to dining, bars, and open spaces, everything you need is right at Collingwood's doorstep.

Collingwood Property Market Insights:

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Whether you're considering making Collingwood your home or looking for an exciting destination to explore, embrace the multicultural atmosphere, lively lifestyle, and rich experiences that await you in this thriving suburb. Welcome to Collingwood.


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