Welcome to Maribyrnong, just 7km west of Melbourne's CBD. This suburb seamlessly blends family-friendly warmth with city vibrancy, featuring picturesque streets and tranquil parks. Maribyrnong falls under the governance of the Maribyrnong City Council, dedicated to sustainability and community well-being.

Location & Connectivity:

Move effortlessly in Maribyrnong – Buses and trams swiftly connect you to the heart of the CBD, while major roads like Dynon Road and Ballarat Road facilitate easy exploration of Melbourne and its surroundings. Despite its accessibility, Maribyrnong maintains a peaceful ambience, making it an ideal haven for families and urban dwellers alike.

Amenities & Lifestyle:

Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of Maribyrnong Park, a haven for outdoor activities, picnics, and serene walks along the Maribyrnong River. Savour the local flavours at charming cafes scattered across the suburb, and explore diverse shopping options at Highpoint Shopping Centre, a retail paradise with over 500 stores and entertainment venues. Highpoint, one of the largest shopping centres in Melbourne, offers a delightful mix of fashion, dining, and family-friendly experiences.

Experience the excitement of events at the Victoria University Whitten Oval, where sports enthusiasts and families come together for a lively atmosphere.

Homes & Architecture:

Maribyrnong's architectural mosaic narrates a captivating story. Victorian and Edwardian homes stand as testaments to its historical charm, while modern residences, townhouses, and apartments bring contemporary allure. The suburb's architectural diversity, featuring pockets of period homes alongside contemporary designs, adds depth to its character.

Education & Facilities:

Maribyrnong places a premium on fostering education and community spirit. Distinguished schools provide a nurturing environment for young minds, and the Maribyrnong Community Centre, along with the local library, cultivates a vibrant community atmosphere.

Beyond the Neighbourhood:

Maribyrnong's allure extends beyond its borders. Explore the neighbouring suburb of Footscray for its cultural diversity and culinary delights, or venture into Maidstone for its relaxed atmosphere and local parks. Each adjacent suburb contributes a unique facet to Maribyrnong's vibrant tapestry, offering residents endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Maribyrnong Property Market Insights:

We understand the importance of helpful and accurate information when you’re considering buying, selling, leasing, or choosing property management; if you'd like to know more about the Maribyrnong Real Estate Market, please visit our Suburb Report here.

Whether you're considering making Maribyrnong your home or looking for an exciting destination to explore, embrace the atmosphere, active lifestyle, and rich experiences that await you in this thriving suburb. Welcome to Maribyrnong.


Median Prices

Type Suburb State Median Year
House Maribyrnong VIC $1,205,000 YTD
Unit Maribyrnong VIC $535,000 YTD

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