Avg Sales Value By Suburb For The Past 12 Months


We know the Melbourne market saw growth across the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. The results aren’t completely finalised yet but it should be in the region of approximately 6%. We have experienced a fantastic start to the year with large auction volumes, new listings and general buyer activity. So, how did your suburb perform? What was the average sold price and did Nelson Alexander outperform the market?

The Red tip tells the story. Our average price is above those prices achieved by others in more cases than not. In general where we see our average price fall below that of the market we also see lower volumes and/or emerging markets. As the Nelson Alexander brand grows in these emerging markets, we will soon start to see the results change. Nelson Alexander’s staff, IT systems and specialised training, continue to deliver above average results and now with thirteen boutique offices working under the one non-franchise brand, it is always reasonable for our clients to ‘Expect More’.

Property Analytics Australia is a specialist data company that provides real estate agencies with objective, independent analysis of property sales information. Its senior analysts deliver to clients relevant and easy-to-understand statistics focused on local market conditions and the competitive landscape in which they operate.

Nelson Alexander subscribes to Property Analytics’ services in order to obtain strategic business insights and to better inform its clients on how to achieve the best possible results when selling their property.

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