Brighten up your home with these Melbourne designers

Melbourne is home to some of Australia's top designers and creatives, delivering attractive pieces that really make an impact. So, if you're looking for ideas to brighten up your Melbourne home, look no further! We've put together this handy guide to show you how to brighten up your home with some of our favourite Melbourne designers.

P0ly Designs

If you're a fan of crisp lines and shapes and a sleek modern look at home, you'll love P0ly Designs. Lara Fisher and Andy Kepitis are an interior design duo based in Fitzroy North creating fully customisable pieces using top quality tiles imported from Italy and Japan.

This studio takes commissions, too, so you can make all of your interior design dreams come to life. Their offering includes an assortment of pieces like drawers, coffee and side tables, and smaller and more discreet touches like mirrors and wall hooks.

Whether you want unique furniture that's a real focal point in the room or small details to bring everything together, a visit to their Nicholson Street studio or Instagram store is a must!

Fazeek Home

Add handcrafted elegance to your home with Fazeek Home. Fazeek is a Melbourne based contemporary fragrance and homewares brand by Jackie Fezakas.

Combining functionality with attractive design, Fazeek brings together monochromatic styles with vibrant bursts of colour. Whether it's a one-off piece or you want to build a collection of exquisite glassware, Fazeek offers a wide range of choices.

We absolutely love their wavy drinking glasses - a perfect gift or to add a little magic into your own home!

Blazed Wax

Candle lovers will adore what's on offer from Blazed Wax. Creative friends Ruby Kannava and Emma Cutri make their sculptural and distinctive candles in their Brunswick studio.

These handmade candles are perfect for adding a dash of colour to any space. If you want to liven up a minimalist room with intriguing shapes and rich colours, a candle from Blazed Wax is a fabulous solution!

Their wide variety of options can suit any space and effortlessly enhance any type of interior design, available in a wide selection of shapes and colour palettes.

LLH Studio

LLH Studio by Melbourne-based furniture designer and sculptor Lauren Lea Haynes can help you inject bursts of colour and distinctive materials into your homes interior design.

This brand explores materials such as local limestone, aluminium, timber, and waste materials to create attractive sculptural forms. If you're looking for furniture pieces that bring together functionality and creativity, LLH Studio is sure to impress you.

LLH Studio is your go-to designer for furniture that's kind to the planet and brings art straight into your home.

Suku Home

Fitzroy based Suku Home offers clothing for adults and kids as well as a wide range of distinctive bed linen and homeware items. Chrissy Lafian is the Founder and Creative Director of Suku which is rooted in authenticity, sustainability, and connecting their global community under ethical fair trade practices and shared experiences.
br>Their bedding sets are perfect for livening up your bedroom with funky patterns and striking colours. In addition, their extensive lifestyle range includes candles, ceramics, soft furnishings, and tableware, so you can bring a touch of Suku Home into every part of your space. Choose a tufted rug for a burst of fun or a unique vase or ceramic container to make your home interiors truly stand out!

Trinket Solo

Trinket Solo by Megan McNeill is another Brunswick-based studio focusing on gorgeous hand-tufted cushions that add style and comfort to your bedroom or living room.

The brand explores traditional craft practices whilst giving them a distinctively modern twist. Using an earthy colour palette that's perfect for warming up any space, Trinket Solo takes inspiration from contemporary trends and ancient artifacts.

Lope Home

Lope Home is a homeware brand by Liz Chadwick that's all about slow design, intriguing form, and striking colour. Offering a range of products — uniquely shaped vases, glassware, bedding and towels, you can add touches of strong and vibrant colour to any room in the house with Lope Home's collections.

These designs certainly stand out but are intended to integrate into your life, becoming an intrinsic part of your home environment.

f you're looking for large centrepieces or small pops of colour, be sure to keep these locals in mind next time you're looking to lift your home aesthetic! We're always on the hunt for great new local businesses to follow — so reach out if we've missed any of your favourites.
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