Celebrate World Falafel Day at Just Falafs (with free falafels)!

Just Falafs serves some seriously delicious food in their casual and inviting atmosphere on St Georges Road, Fitzroy North.

This Monday, 13th June, is World Falafel Day, so they're giving away 1,000 falafel pitas!

They hold this event every year to give back to the community they serve, and this they're also raising money for SeedMob, the first Indigenous youth-led climate organization in the country. Gold coin donations will be accepted when you pick up your free falafel and will go directly to SeedMob.

We spoke with owners and mother-son duo, Teresa and Troy, who focus on their passion for falafels and commitment to their local community–

Hi Teresa and Troy, can you tell us about yourselves and what inspired you to start Just Falafs?

Taking inspiration from the falafel bars in New York and The Marais in Paris, we wanted to bring something original and exciting to the area. We've both worked in different restaurants in the area for a while, so we wanted a mother-son partnership in place.

What does the North Fitzroy location and community mean to you?

The community of North Fitzroy is what keeps us going. We were able to keep our staff employed and continue serving falafels during the two years of lockdowns. Because of them, we're still running and doing things like our annual World Falafel Day promotion.

What is your most popular product and which is your favourite? 

The Sabich is our most popular product – filled with a boiled egg and golden deep-fried eggplant rather than falafels, it’s a classic middle eastern breakfast dish, served either on a plate or inside of a pita.

Our personal favourite is our Harissa Pita with a touch of Zhough– the mildly spicy Harissa sauce made from red capsicums and mixed spices paired with our spicy Zhough creates a world of flavours.

Monday is World Falafel Day – can you tell us a bit about what you do on this day and who you will be supporting?

We began this initiative back in 2017, five months after we opened our doors for the first time. The original concept was to get to know the locals better and to give back to the community– they had given us such amazing support in our first couple of months.

On this day, we make 1000 Classic Pitas–they're filled with hummus, tahini, pickled cabbage, Israeli, amba and of course falafels!

Last year was a great success and we can’t wait to do it again. SeedMob is the country's first youth climate network. Seed’s vision is to create a sustainable future powered by renewable energy.

Any final words?

Thanks so much for supporting us and we can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!
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