Creating the best kids bedroom ever!


Author – Lauren Li

The kids are at home a whole lot more these days… which probably means their bedrooms are getting more of a workout than usual! To keep them happy (and you sane), it might be time for a room reinvention, to create a space that looks and feels good, where everything has its place. Preferably packed away neatly at the end of the day.

Childhood bedrooms are a place of independence, where little people can carve out their own space in the world. It’s where they go to sleep and dream, read and play – and sometimes for time-out! Kids bedrooms should be a space to spark imagination, where kids also feel safe and comforted.

Kids should be given an opportunity to put their stamp on their own space, even if their preferred ‘colour palette’ may not flow with the rest of the house. After all, it’s their way of expressing themselves through their surroundings, which is so important! However, at the end of the day, we need to balance their ideas with what will look good. They need guidance!

The best kids rooms happen when their ideas are integrated into the concept for a room, but executed in a more refined way. Above all, the space should show their personality.


If there is one room in the house you can avoid white, it’s the kid’s bedroom! Even a subtle shift from white to a buttery cream wall adds so much warmth and interest to the room, whilst still offering a calm, neutral base.

Painting the walls a beautiful colour creates a different feel to the rest of the house, and makes the room feel like it’s really ‘theirs’. Even painting the bottom half of the wall is a great way to introduce colour in an impactful way, without committing to the entire room.

When choosing a colour for the walls, firstly think about what kind of mood you want to create. Sometimes the first thoughts are to go fun and bright, however if you want the room to feel restful (ie. if you want young kids to actually go to sleep!) then maybe consider more calming and muted colours.

Paint is just one way to use colour in a room. An upholstered bedhead or curtains can be a great way to incorporate colour, while an incredible canopy over the bed is sure to delight and make bedtime a little more fun!


There is absolutely no reason that kids shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy art in their bedrooms. There are so many types of artwork – consider prints, vintage posters, fabulous tea-towels, mobiles and even kids’ own masterpieces!

Art can be found in more traditional gallery spaces, however, broaden your search to design and craft markets, Etsy, antique stores and auction houses. Try using different coloured frames and arranging them in creative ways.

Storage + Shelving

Storage is key in keeping things tidy, but there is some storage that works better than others. To get the kids to pack up their own things (I can dream right?), storage needs to be accessible. High shelves don’t work, because they simply can’t reach them, so opt for low shelving and cupboards. There needs to be a combination of open and closed storage; they like to keep some of their favorite things on display, whilst games can go in a cupboard.

Too many baskets filled with toys can just take up floor space, so put your baskets into shelves. The key is to have a place for everything to go – lego, games, toys and barbies all have a ‘home’.

Sleep Zone

Bunk beds are having a moment. They certainly have the novelty factor, especially custom-made bunks, with curtains for added bonus points! Bunks give kids the kind of space where they can hide and feel cocooned and safe. A little shelf to keep their favourite books close, with a reading light inside makes bedtime a little more enticing. Well, we can hope!

Bedlinen is the quickest and most affordable way to add impact easily to a kids room. Letting them choose their own bedlinen (from an edited selection!) is a way that they can take pride in their own choices too.

Pony Rider, Kip & Co, Sage & Clare, Rachel Castle, Society of Wanderers, Little Louli and even your local Adairs proves there is absolutely no shortage of gorgeous bedlinen for kids!


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