Does gaining a property have to mean losing your mind?

Homeownership is often depicted in celebratory photographs. A happy couple, smiling wide next to their freshly painted front door, keys held out as the ultimate bragging rights.

But this image tells just part of the story. Before the laughs there were undoubtedly plenty of reservations.

With so much money and personal interest at stake, stress levels can run high when house hunting. But buying a home doesn’t have to mean losing your mind. At Nelson Alexander, we’ve been helping Melburnians purchase top real estate for over 45 years and in that time, we’ve learned a bit about nailing the process.

Not pictured: all the stress leading up to this day.

How to steer clear of home buying stress

1. Know what you want

Shopping for a house without a clear idea of what you’re looking for is a headache waiting to happen. Not only will you waste your time, but you’ll have no basis on which to compare the properties you see.

To avoid the run-around, come up with a list of exactly what you’re after, from your absolute musts to your deal breakers.

If you’re buying a home with your partner, make sure to have all the essential conversations together. This, of course, means discussing your budget and assessing your:

  • Combined incomes,
  • Savings,
  • Credit scores,
  • Additional earnings.

It’s imperative that both parties are on the same page before getting too far along in the home buying journey.

2. Be flexible

While knowing what you want is essential, so too is a certain level of flexibility. Take out that list you made and prioritise it. Are there ‘needs’ that could actually be ‘wants’?

You shouldn’t budge too much in the search for your dream home, but it is important to be flexible on some aspects. Having room for a dog to roam might be essential, for example, while a walk-in closet could be less so.

3. Take a step back

Often, all you need to overcome a stressful situation is a new perspective.

The same is true when your property journey seems too much. While you might have expectations around how things will go, reality could have other plans.

Expect bumps in the road. You might uncover defects in your dream property or find sellers unwilling to accept your offer. Try to keep everything in perspective and remember that you will, eventually, buy the perfect first home.

4. Work with the right agent

The best way to minimise the stress of buying a home is to work with an experienced, helpful real estate agent. Real estate agents aren’t just property market experts – they’re also well versed in the home buying process and the right person will help every step of the way.

At Nelson Alexander, our staff are committed to leading you to home buying success, which is why we take the time to understand to foster a relationship of trust and understanding. To find out about working with a member of our team, reach out today or drop into one of our offices.

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