How to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your home

If you’re looking for ways to really encapsulate current design and make your home décor unquestionably contemporary, basing your colour palette on the Colour of the Year is a fantastic decision. This year, Pantone has chosen Very Peri – a rich periwinkle-violet shade that has plenty of decorating potential. For homeowners in Melbourne and Australia who want to take inspiration from this elegant colour, we’ve written this guide on how to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your home.

Paint with shades of periwinkle

You can enhance your real estate and create a gorgeous look by repainting your property with shades of periwinkle, including Very Peri itself. Choose the colour for an accent wall or use different shades to create interesting paintwork in one room. If completely repainting your walls feels too drastic, you can incorporate updates in the kitchen or bathroom by painting cabinets with the colour. You can also add it to ceilings to expand the space and draw the eye upwards or add colour to the exterior of your home by painting shutters or your front door.

Use flowers

Lots of flowers come in beautiful shades of periwinkle and this can be a discreet way to add the trend to your interior design. You can opt for fragrant fresh flowers to instantly brighten up a room or opt for more durable faux flowers for a longer-lasting solution. An advantage of choosing faux flowers is you can find the precise shade you want and they’re more versatile too. They aren’t affected by light and moisture levels, so you can use them anywhere in your house, including in the bathroom.


Introduce accent pieces

For a more visible way to add touches of periwinkle, accent pieces are a stylish choice that can work with a wide variety of existing colour schemes. The pieces you choose are up to you and depend on how many colours you want to introduce. Items like rugs, table lamps, cushions and throws, or individual chairs are all clever ways to bring bursts of Very Peri into your space. Wall art is another effective way to add bursts of a specific colour and this can really stand out against a more neutral colour scheme.

Add periwinkle to the bathroom

Soft and luxurious coloured towels are a great way to introduce periwinkle into your bathroom. The colour naturally lends itself to creating a serene and spa-like vibe, making it a fantastic tone for bathrooms. There are a wide range of design touches you can try in this room– towels or a bathroom mat in a periwinkle shade will add colour and atmosphere. Periwinkle works with a range of bathroom colour schemes and can immediately add warmth and vibrancy to a white or off-white space.

Use periwinkle accessories

Accessories and ornaments are a useful way to add splashes of periwinkle to any room in the house. Think– coloured crockery and glassware for the kitchen and dining room or brighten up any space with vases or ornaments. Accessories are also a convenient way to try out the trend before you fully commit to redecorating. For a more noticeable periwinkle accessory, you could opt for light and breezy coloured curtains that add a pop of colour to the room.

“PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light.” - Pantone.


Buy periwinkle bedding

For an easy way to introduce periwinkle to your bedroom décor, coloured bedding is a stylish choice that you can easily change. You can select an attractive pattern or a vibrant block colour set, depending on your preferences and how much colour you want to introduce. Just like adding accessories to other rooms, giving your bedding an update is a clever way to experiment with the trend before you fully commit. If a full periwinkle bedding set isn’t for you, another way to bring the trend into your bedroom is by adding blankets, throws, or cushions. This makes your bedding more luxurious, as well as giving you the opportunity to try out the trend with small touches.

Bring Very Peri into your home

Very Peri is an attractive and versatile colour – there are so many different ways to introduce this shade into your home. Whether you’re looking to fully embrace the trend or just add more discreet touches as a nod to its popularity, it’s so straightforward to make periwinkle part of your interior design. For home décor that’s effortless contemporary, periwinkle is the colour to explore.

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