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Whether it's a residential or commercial property or a public area, innovative and attractive landscape design makes a huge difference to the look and ambience. A landscape designer works closely with architects and planners to create stunning outdoor spaces that add value to a property, enrich the community, and help to improve the environment.

Melbourne is home to some of Australia's most forward-thinking and influential landscape designers, as well as national and international award winners. In this blog post, we take a closer look at some of Melbourne's best landscape designers – people who push boundaries and create truly unique landscape designs.

Daniel Tyrrell

Daniel Tyrrell is the award-winning director of Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes in St Kilda. He's a past winner of the Honda Sustainability Award and winning Silver Medals at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

Recognised as a local leader in the design and construction of garden spaces, Daniel takes an individual approach to every project and strives to create balance through hard and soft landscaping. Daniel works closely with clients to create a personalised space that has an emotional connection for its owners.

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Image via Daniel Tyrrell

Jim Fogarty

Jim Fogarty is a Melbourne-based landscape designer and media personality. He has won over 30 internationally recognised landscape design awards, including accolades from the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria Comeadow and the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. He also won a Gold Medal at the inaugural Singapore Garden Festival.

Jim is passionate about raising the profile of Australian landscape design. His extensive knowledge of plants, meticulous attention to detail, and use of innovative architectural software in the design process has cemented him as one of Melbourne's top landscape designers.

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Image via Jim Fogarty

Alison Douglas

Based in the Caulfield North suburb of Melbourne, Alison Douglas is an award-winning landscape designer with a multidisciplinary background. She's previously worked in toy design, product design, and fashion design, bringing her wealth of design experience to her landscaping work.

Alison has won first place in the Boutique Gardens category at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Thriving on new challenges, she particularly enjoys transforming smaller spaces and brings her attention to detail and commitment to sustainability to every project.


Image via Alison Douglas

Amanda Oliver

Amanda Oliver has a reputation for plant-focused gardens and spaces. Based in Fitzroy, Amanda Oliver Gardens is a small boutique landscape design and garden company. Amanda's approach to each garden is unique and responds to the site conditions with an intuitive sense of aesthetics rather than a more formulated and curated design. Amanda's process is renowned for its fluidity and generating spaces that offer both longevity and flexibility.

Amanda's landscaping vision centres around timeless spaces that compliment the surroundings and are grounded in a sense of place working with foliage, structure and form to bring any space to the foreground while complimenting and working within the property to bring together a culmination of design, atmosphere and greenery that is not only unique and serene but practical.


Image via Amanda Oliver

Paul Bangay

Considered to be one of the leading landscape designers in the country, Paul Bangay has taken on private and public projects in Australia and New Zealand and Europe and North America. His designs are recognised for their timeless elegance and simplicity, and was awarded the Centenary Medal in recognition of his contribution to public design projects.

Paul's unique approach has been featured in numerous publications, and since 1996 he has published a series of successful books on landscape design. Along with his team, he brings a personalised design approach to every project he oversees.


Image via Paul Bangay

Ian Barker

Ian Barker has more than 25 years of landscape design experience and has won awards at London's Chelsea Flower Show and the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. He is also a recipient of the Best Use of Plant Life Award from the Horticultural & Media Association. Ian Barker Gardens has now become one of Australia's most in-demand landscape design companies.

Ian and his team take care of every part of the design, construction, and maintenance processes. With a commitment to innovation and design, he is dedicated to producing unique and stunning results that consistently exceed client expectations.


Image via Ian Barker

Paal Grant

Based just outside of Melbourne in Buninyong, Paal Grant has a background in Fine Art and was previously the Head of Sculpture at Wesley College. His creative experience gives him a passion for pushing the boundaries of landscape design, using a variety of textures, colours, and shapes to achieve balance and create a functional space.

Paal won the Gold Medal at Melbourne International Flower & Garden Shows and he also represented Australia at the Japan Garden & Flower Show. He is frequently featured in some of Australia's leading garden and lifestyle magazines.


Image via Paal Grant

Nathan Burkett

Nathan Burkett has built his reputation on understated, elegant landscape design intended to complement existing architecture and features. This has made him one of the most sought-after landscape designers in Melbourne and throughout the country.

Nathan's timeless design work has received multiple accolades. His gardens have been featured at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam.

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Image via Nathan Burkett

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