Creating a year-round outdoor space: Is it possible in Melbourne?


As Melbournians, we know all the saying 'Four seasons in one day.' So, given our varied weather conditions, it's not always possible to have a year-round outdoor space for dining and entertaining. But there are some clever ways to create a space as an extension of your home that can weather almost every season.

As we all spend more time at home, it means we are spending more time thinking and planning what we can do to improve our space.

Consider the following outdoor decor ideas to get the most out of your patio and outdoor property in Melbourne while keeping it protected against the elements.

Set up your space with weatherproof seating

To take advantage of open-air living, you'll need some comfortable and sturdy seating. The most low-maintenance options are weatherproof metal or wicker furniture that you can simply brush off and sit on.

For plush patio seating, choose a set that comes with weatherproof cushions. Pick up some coordinating throw pillows for a splash of colour. Just remember to set aside some storage space — you'll need to place these soft furnishings somewhere sheltered before they get wet.

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Tip: For low-maintenance living, choose weatherproof furniture for your area!

Keep cool with a sturdy shade structure

There's no need to crisp up outside during the summer. Prioritise adding a suitable shade structure to your outdoor living area so you can stay cool and comfortable in all seasons.

Depending on your style preferences and space requirements, you might opt for a trellis with climbing vines, a petite pergola, or large shade umbrellas you can adjust - depending on the position of the sun. A patio roof or gazebo can add architectural interest and shade as well.

A patio roof can help you create a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy all year round.

Warm things up with a stylish outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace or decorative fire pit will add style and functionality no matter the temperature. It can keep you cosy during the chillier months and will provide a focal point even while not in use.

Refresh your space with seasonal outdoor accessories

Speaking of outdoor decorating, seasonal accents and accessories can bring the comforts of home outside and help you transition through the seasons.

When items are left out all year long, rain or shine, your back garden can start to feel a little stale. Rotate pieces in and out as the weather change to liven up your year-round outdoor space.

Brighten up dark nights with festoon lights and lanterns

When the sun sets early on a crisp winter's evening, the warm glow of lanterns and strung-up fairy lights will make you more likely to linger outdoors. Once you get some outdoor lighting installed, it'll be a low-maintenance way to make your space more welcoming and functional.

Get cooking with an outdoor kitchen

If you have space, and the weather is permitting - what better excuse to spend some time cooking in the sunshine? There are plenty of barbecue grills, smokers, and other outdoor kitchen options to choose from, depending on the type of space you have available.

Cultivate a garden that offers visual interest all year long

When considering your garden and landscaping, don't forget to incorporate plants that will leave you with an attractive winter garden, as well as in the warmer months. With the right setup, you can even continue to harvest your veggie patch in the colder months.

And, of course, choosing colorful blooms and other edible plants for the rest of the year will give you an incentive to spend more time outside.


Tip: Create a raised veggie patch for a year-long harvest!

Incorporate sunroom-inspired design features if you renovate your home

If you're planning an extension onto your home, consider building walls in the contemporary glass box style. This way, you'll feel like you're right in your backyard without being exposed to the elements.

Dreaming of your own year-round outdoor space while searching for homes for sale in Melbourne? Let our team help you secure the perfect property.

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