Thinking about renovating? Here are our top 5 tips


Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the future or you just need a change of scenery, there are several options for simple and easy home renovations.

Not all renovations are the same, some renovations, like a full bathroom or kitchen upgrade, can take significant time. Thankfully, there are smaller things you can do to spruce up areas of your house.

Consider these five simple home renovations you can master yourself:

1. In the kitchen

As noted, a full-blown kitchen renovation can be an overwhelming ordeal. However, with a few simple changes and upgrades you can easily give this important room a makeover.

Do you have a wooden countertop? If yes, there’s a good chance it’s worn out, weathered, and not looking nearly as good when it was first installed. Instead, consider swapping it out for a natural stone countertop, such as granite, marble, or quartz. Not only do these materials hold up much better to wear and tear, they’re aesthetically pleasing.

Do you have dated cabinet doors? Consider replacing those with solid wood cabinets. You can even do this yourself, by simply unscrewing the old cabinets’ hinges and installing the new ones.

Similarly, new handles for drawers and cabinets, which are pretty inexpensive, can go a long way in improving the look and feel of the kitchen.

2. In the bathroom

Just like the kitchen, a total bathroom renovation can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. But there are some easier options to liven up this room without a complete overhaul.

The same advice for kitchen cabinets also applies to bathroom ones. Replace any older cabinet doors with newer wooden ones, and swap out old tap handles and showerheads.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can even go so far as to install new tiling on the floor or walls. Larger, light coloured tiles are typically a good choice for making the whole room look more appealing.

Replace any older cabinet doors with newer wooden ones, and swap out old tap handles and showerheads.

3. A fresh coat of paint

When done well, a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to dramatically improve the appearance of your home. This can apply to any part of the house, from interior rooms such as the kitchen, bedrooms, or living room, to the exterior if you can. This also provides a prime opportunity to cover up scuff marks from furniture and patch up any holes.

4. Install new lighting

Light plays an important role both in functionality as well as for keeping a home lively and comforting. Updating the lighting is another more affordable option and easy fix for a renovation.

For instance, adding a brighter or dimmer setting for lights provides more control over the room’s ambience. If you’re after a contemporary look, consider installing new light fittings to replace older or broken ones.

5. The exterior

Good curb appeal is crucial for creating a welcoming home, and the exterior shouldn’t be overlooked as a good spot for easy renovations.

If you have a wooden deck, consider recoating and staining it, power washing walkways or concrete porches to get rid of any grime, dirt, and mildew.

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