Greener apartment living coming to Melbourne


Everybody seems to be trying to live more sustainably these days. Homeowners, businesses, corporations and even local councils are all doing their part to eliminate their impact on the environment. Whether it’s solar panels, rainwater tanks or just better insulation, there is a way for everyone to reduce their emissions and their energy bill at the same time.

But apartment-dwellers have a very different scenario on their hands compared to house owner-occupiers in Melbourne. The different laws around ownership can make a big difference to what you can actually do to make your life that little more green. Considering that residents in high-and medium-density buildings use 25 per cent more energy than detached houses according to the Moonee Valley Council, this presents a real problem for keeping the environment in Australia healthy.

How are you making your apartment a little more green?

Finding support

“You’ll be able to learn about everything from solar, to heating and cooling solutions, efficient water and pools options, green walls and recycling”

However, there is help to be had. Apartment residents, landlords and managers across Melbourne have all been invited to take part in the 2016 High Life Expo on 22 June at the Melbourne Town Hall.

“The event features a supplier expo and a chance to hear behind the scene stories from the managers of innovative projects successfully implemented in apartment buildings here in Melbourne” explains Moonee Valley Mayor Andrea Surace.

“You’ll be able to learn about everything from solar, to heating and cooling solutions, efficient water and pools options, green walls and recycling,” continues Environmental Sustainability Portfolio Holder Shirley Cornish.

A similar expo took place last year, though 2016’s iteration has a far more interactive focus, including workshops on creating a greater sense of community in your apartment building as well as learning what you can do as an apartment owner to help out.

Part of the greater good

However, this switch to renewable is hardly relegated solely to private individuals. Melbourne itself is stepping up to the plate to deliver more green solutions across the city,  investing in programmes such as the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project. This scheme, which is going to be used as a vehicle to purchase 110 GWh of energy from renewable sources, will certainly help the Victorian hub reach it’s ultimate goal of 25 per cent green energy by 2018 and zero net emissions by 2020.

Individual residents still need to do their part though. If you are looking to rent a greener, more sustainable apartment, make sure you get in touch with the team at Nelson Alexander to discover a wide range of available strata properties all across northern Melbourne!

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