Luke Chisholm

“I am genuinely passionate about the area, its character and its community – it’s a great place to work, with such diversity of people and real estate.”

Since entering the industry over ten years ago it has always been evident that Luke loves his work…he has real estate in the blood. Clients are drawn to Luke because he doesn’t always conform to their expectations of the agent stereotype, but his extremely high rate of vendor returns and referrals are testimony to his professionalism. Friendly, approachable and always sympathetic to the needs and wishes of vendors; Luke inspires confidence with terrific listening skills and a quiet, relaxed manner.

Highly motivated and experienced as a property consultant and now Partner at Nelson Alexander, Luke has conducted over 500 auctions – giving him considerable authority to assist his clients in making what can be difficult decisions. Luke’s good humour, genuine interest in people, and deeply grounded knowledge of the market have proved to reduce selling stress for his many satisfied clients.

Luke has a track record of very successful sales for all kinds of property in the inner north – from prestige homes and warehouse conversions to apartment blocks. No matter what kind of property he is handling, Luke always guarantees his availability to clients.




Work with Luke

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