3 easy ways to improve the air quality in your home


Australians are lucky to enjoy plenty of fresh air and low levels of pollution. Even our cities are filled with enviable green spaces, parks and recreation areas – look at the Yarra Bend Park in Kew or Fitzroy’s Edinburgh Gardens.

But what about our homes? Inside, air can get stuck and its quality can suffer due to mould, allergens, dust and other toxins. Fortunately, there are things Melbourne homeowners can do to purify the air they breathe indoors. We explore three.

1. Fill your home with air purifying houseplants

Houseplants don’t just make a space look better, they also serve a very important purpose: purifying the air around them. By turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, plants eliminate harmful toxins in the air.

In terms of oxygenation, the leafier and greener the better. Equally critical for many homeowners, however, is maintenance and mess. The ideal houseplant is one that doesn’t require too much sunlight or water and that can be easily moved.

Want to pick up some of nature’s air filtration systems this weekend? There are heaps of amazing garden centres in Melbourne’s bustling northern suburbs, including:

  • Plant by Packwood, Fitzroy –  Run by a helpful couple, you’re guaranteed to leave Plant by Packwood with exactly what you were looking for.
  • Lygon St. Nursery, Brunswick East –  Dedicate an afternoon to spend here, as this isn’t just a plant shop, it’s a garden oasis.
  • Loose Leaf, Collingwood – Inspired by old and new botanical design trends, Loose Leaf is the perfect place to begin your indoor plant collection.

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2. Keep everything super clean

This may already be a goal of yours, but perhaps understanding the link between cleanliness and air quality will be the extra push you need to tidy up.

While vacuuming, mopping and wiping surfaces can go along way in making your home look good, it isn’t enough if you’re trying to achieve a healthy environment.

Look beyond the obvious and focus on deep cleaning.

To improve indoor air quality, look beyond the obvious and focus on deep cleaning. Steam your carpets, launder your curtains, and replace things like pillows and rugs you’ve had for a long time.

Additionally, focus on detailed cleaning of small areas as well. Do you know how many germs could be hiding on say – your microwave buttons? Albeit small, bacteria can hide anywhere and make its way into the air.

3. But avoid certain cleaning products in the process!

That said, you need to be careful about the products you’re using.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often found in common cleaning products, including some:

  • Odour sprays,
  • Pine oil products,
  • Degreasing solutions,
  • Aerosol sprays,
  • Stain removers,
  • Leather cleaners.

These toxic gases can cause a range of health issues – from shortness of breath and nausea to more serious concerns. To avoid polluting your home, opt for eco-friendly products and always read labels.

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