Spaces that inspire us to learn and work


We have all settled into the new normal of working remotely, learning remotely and generally being offsite from our typical places of work and study (unless, of course you are someone who has known this way of operating for a while)!

When we thought about what it meant to have a space that inspired us, we all scrambled to ensure a desk, natural light and stationery were at our fingertips. However, having a place to spark creativity and productivity is much more than that.


Here is a list that our team and families have adopted (and plan to keep long after this pandemic is over);

Natural Light: The first thing we do when looking for a place to set up our desk, is to find a spot in the house that has the most natural light and if we’re lucky, a window to gaze out of. Natural light is proven to help regulate the body's natural circadian rhythms (our sleep-wake schedules) so it is super important for productivity!

Indoor Plants and Flowers: Not only will they purify the air and make the room smell fresh, having lush greenery and fresh flowers in your favourite vase in your workspace is a great way to improve your mood. Plants are a representation of being in nature, which as humans we crave, so we are naturally creatively inspired by them.

Music: Set up your record player, your portable speaker or your headphones. Music has a proven positive effect on our cognition and if you choose the right playlist, it can help to pull you out of a creative block.

Scent: Choosing a candle or diffuser with a soothing and uplifting scent, such as (peppermint, lemon or jasmine) can assist with concentration. Natural scents in a space where you are constantly working with technology can also help to minimise stress.

Artwork: This is the time to add a personal touch and make it yours - adorn your walls and workspace with artwork, photos, writing and objects that inspire you personally, because no two inspired minds are the same.

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