Change in Median $ Value of Established Houses in Melbourne


The Australian Bureau of Statistics compiles capital city indexes for established houses on a quarterly basis. The indexes measure price movements of established houses over time.

Since the negative growth results of 2011 and compounding results of 2012, 2013 has seen a well publicised period of growth. All be it over the declines of 2012, what makes the final quarter of 2013 interesting is, it’s significant growth over the growth of the spring time quarter in 2012.

This is great news for property owners especially those who purchased in the last couple of years as they see some good growth on their investment and for those who bought 3-4 years ago seeing value in their property come back after the erosion of the GFC.

Graph provided by Property Analytics Australia.

Property Analytics Australia is a specialist data company that provides real estate agencies with objective, independent analysis of property sales information. Nelson Alexander subscribes to Property Analytics’ services in order to obtain strategic business insights and to better inform its clients on how to achieve the best possible results when selling their property.

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