Where will you be sleeping on the 22nd May?


A team of 20 Nelson Alexander staff will be sleeping at the G to raise much needed funds for Melbourne City Mission’s youth homelessness programmes. 

In 2013 we were a part of the inaugural “Sleep at The G” which raised $300,000 to enable Melbourne City Mission to redevelop the Frontyard Youth Services space, a “one stop shop” for homeless young people in the CBD.

This redevelopment included:

  • A new, open-plan, welcome space that can facilitate up to 30 young people at any given time.
  • New clothes washers and dryers, so clients can wash and clean their clothes. This is incredibly important to their overall sense of wellbeing and helps to promote self-worth and confidence.
  • New fridges stocked with nutritious meals to actively promote a healthy lifestyle and give clients a much-needed meal and refreshment.
  • A technology area fully kitted out with iPads, computers and phones so that young people can stay connected with their loved ones, take control of their lives, and research essential services to assist them in their search for housing and employment.
  • The introduction of healthy eating and cooking courses which teach clients how to purchase, prepare and cook nutritious meals, and equip them with essential life skills that will be of great benefit to them now and in the future.

In 2014 Melbourne City Mission are planning the development of a new youth refuge in Melbourne’s CBD – the first of its kind in the heart of the city.

The refuge will offer young people central, safe accommodation with a suite of support services. It will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Young people will be actively supported to either return to their family, or assisted into long-term sustainable accommodation options such as share housing or supported youth housing.

By sleeping at the ‘G on 22 May we will be supporting their vision for crisis youth accommodation in the heart of the city. If you would like to support our team with a donation, please visit our fundraising page.


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