Tax time tips for property investors

It's tax time, so those with investment properties may be able to claim tax back from their deductible expenses - here's what's included.... View more

Can you switch property managers mid-lease?

When you feel you aren't getting the property management service you deserve, a change might be necessary. But where do you begin?... View more

Landlords zero in on property repairs to boost their bottom line

More landlords are gearing up to maximise financial returns through better planning for repairs and property upgrades, a property management specialist says. Nelson Alexander’s head of property manage... View more

Are you doing enough to improve slow rental growth?

Are you finding your rental yields are stagnating? You might be missing out on some prime opportunities to improve your rates. Find out more here.... View more

Is it time to hire a property manager for your Melbourne property?

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4 things every investor needs to do at tax time

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Should you be investing in commercial property?

Have you considered investing in commercial real estate? It might be more unfamiliar than residential, but it has some benefits that can't be beaten.... View more

The whys and hows of allowing your tenants to have pets

Do you think it's time to allow pets as part of your property management strategy? Here are the hows and whys of this potential gold mine.... View more

Surge in new unit supply puts the spotlight on property management

Surge in new unit supply puts the spotlight on property management... View more

Defining wear and tear

One of the most common causes of disputes between landlords and tenants at the end of a lease is wear and tear. What is it? And who is responsible? Tenants aren’t liable for the cost of ‘fair wear and... View more

Investors look for an edge in competitive rental market

THE dozens of new apartment buildings being constructed in Melbourne aren’t just reshaping the city’s skyline. The increased supply of new units and apartments is also tipping the rental market in fav... View more

Property investors can find additional tax deductions and expenses claims

Nelson Alexander is urging property investors to be on the look-out for additional tax deductions and expenses claims. Investors need to take the time to regularly review property depreciation allowan... View more

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