Brittany Findlay

“I thrive on helping people achieve their goals, and my family has a strong real estate connection, so a successful career in property is something I’ve always strived to achieve.”

Highly motivated, energetic and outgoing, Brittany Findlay joins our Carlton North rental department displaying a commitment to succeed and determination to go above and beyond in the service of her clients.

Prior to her joining the real estate industry, Brittany enjoyed many years running her own business as a personal trainer/fitness coach, as well as being a highly successful body builder, winning numerous state and national IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) titles.

Delivering an immediate impact in real estate, Brittany Findlay impresses everyone she meets with her friendly demeanor, outstanding customer rapport and unmatched organisational skills.

Maintaining her passion for fitness, Brittany still enjoys a regular workout at the gym as well as catching up with friends and family, shopping and spending time with her beloved canine companion.



Carlton North

Work with Brittany

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