Dianna Kefaloukos

“Each day in real estate is continually rewarding as I’m privileged to work with people from all walks of life as they strive to achieve their property dreams.”

A major asset to the rental department at Nelson Alexander Northcote, Dianna Kefaloukos draws on her vast experience in both residential and commercial real estate to ensure the needs of her clients are not only met, but always exceeded.

Working in service-related industries her entire professional life, Dianna’s transition to real estate brought immediate rewards and respect which she has been building upon ever since.

Not only is Dianna a respected Property Manager, but her previous experience as a dedicated Owners Corporation Manager provides an added layer of expertise that guarantees a swift and successful resolution to any issue that may arise.

Meticulous attention to detail in all she does, Dianna also prides herself on her absolute honesty, unwavering reliability and steadfast commitment to the care and protection of her clients’ investment properties.

Away from work, Dianna is an avid apiarist (fancy word for beekeeper!) and loves indulging in her other passions of photography, painting and gardening.




Work with Dianna

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