Melbourne's top Interior Designers and where to follow them


At Nelson Alexander, we are inspired by innovative and creative interior design every day. We often discuss with our customers that a few small updates to their interior can go a long way in increasing the value of their property.

For this reason, we wanted to share some of our favourite Melbourne interior designers with our wider community, so that you too can feel inspired to re-design and re-decorate your space and boost the potential of your home.

Danielle Brustman


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Specialising in residential and commercial interior design, Danielle Brustman's work is striking and vibrant. We love her flair for bold colours as well as her distinctively visual compositions that she creates across the spaces she works in. She creates a modern vibe throughout her interior design, with her creative use of shape, colour and texture succeeding in creating a complementary yet contrasting feel.

Her interior designs can be bright and bold or subtle and understated, which means she knows how to transform and modernise any space.

To take inspiration from Brustman, we recommend that you add a splash of colour into your interior design or branch out with unique shapes. To see more from Brustman, visit her Instagram page.

Paul Hecker


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Specialising in multi-residential and hospitality interior design, Hecker focuses on utilising space and incorporating creativity in an understated way. We are inspired by his effective minimalism and use of neutral tones to modernise a space. Using a combination of stone and wood materials, Hecker succeeds in giving any room a life of its own whilst also generating a homely and rural feel.

If you wish to take some pointers from Hecker's interior design style, incorporate some wood details into your home or turn to neutral colours to tranquilise your space. To see more from Hecker, head to his Instagram.

David Flack


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Known for his signature lighting, furniture and textiles, David Flack's interior design style is chic and luxurious and achieves a haven-like space that you can't help but marvel at. With the intuitive use of colour and material, Flack isn't afraid of shaking up interior design with his meticulous pairings of light and dark colours, hard and soft surfaces, and contrasting pieces.

Taking strong influence from classical design, Flack's interior design is risky, unexpected and works to combine the classic and the dynamic as well as the traditional and the new to create visionary spaces. To follow Flack's example, we would advise you purchase some furniture that combines old and new to ensure your home still feels homely and unique to you, whether that be a tiled backsplash in a unique style or a leather chair with a distinctive curved shape. To see more of Flack's ingenious interior design, follow him on Instagram.

Lauren Li


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With a passion for creating spaces that feel personal and distinctive, Lauren Li's interior design style is focused on creating spaces that you feel comfortable in and that generate good vibes every time you walk through the door. Taking inspiration from the Melbourne she knows and loves, Li's designs have a European feel with a hint of the traditional Victorian architecture running through them. Approaching her interior design with a determination to make livable spaces that are a mix between both the traditional and the contemporary, to follow Li's lead, we suggest you invest in some contemporary curves that work to modernise and soften a space. For more of Li's exclusive interior design tips, check her Instagram here.

We hope that you are able to find some interior design inspiration from our snapshot into the works of four of Melbourne's most influential and popular interior designers. The work of these designers proves that a little modernisation really can go a long way to transforming the interior of your home!

If you're looking for more advice about how to boost your living space, check out some of our other blog posts, and if you have any questions about buying or selling your home across Melbourne, contact any of our 16 offices.

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